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One of our biggest partners and source of consistent production work is Macy’s, Inc. Department Stores. Macy’s is the quintessential American department store. With over 700 physical locations and over 100 MILLION views per month on, they have served generations of consumers providing everything you need in one destination!

Macy’s partnered with us to create a network of weekly video content for their100+ brand ambassadors’ individual social media channels. It is then promoted by Macy’s, with embedded shopable links in an initiative called Macy's Style Crew.


What is Macy's Style Crew?

The Macy’s Style Crew is a new “social selling” initiative that enables Macy's corporate and store employees to act as Macy’s ambassadors by sharing shoppable videos to their social networks. Macy’s Style Crew is comprised of colleagues who are passionate about servicing the customer, participants who want to create unique, authentic content and who want to build their social media presence and get rewarded for their impact. Check out #macysstylecrew on social media for some examples.

Imagine seeing a social media video of that awesome bag you’ve wanted forever. Now you can click that bag straight from the video to to buy it. That is what we’re making a reality.


People are used to seeing Alex Bowman get behind the wheel on the track, but what’s his routine when he isn’t making those lefts around the oval? Considering the driver of the Ally No. 48 NASCAR Cup Series car spends about 150 days a  year on the road for work, we thought we’d chat with him about his life on the road. From travel essentials to dream vacations and everything in between, Bowman gets candid about his travel preferences and what’s important when taking at trip.


As part of their “Asian Inspiration” campaign, Kikkoman wanted to energize its brand as the bold, contemporary key to Asian flavor inspiration. Kikkoman hds found many people love Asian-inspired cuisine, but had difficulties recreating iconic meals. They asked us showcase how these products can make Asian-inspired flavors easy and accessible to the at home chef.


We created a short hands-on video that highlights a quick, easy and delicious original recipe that uses Kikoman Traditionally Brewed Soy Sauce to kick up the Asian flair.

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