Van Voorhis Productions is an award winning production company based in Charlotte, NC. We create commercials, branded content, music videos and viral media for both digital and national broadcast channels such as CBS.


We're hands-on in every phase of the content process, from creative concept to post production.  Our award winning team includes producers, directors, DP’s, copywriters, editors and VFX artists who have years of production experience.


We've created content for some of the largest international brands, including Hall of Fame Rock Group 'Heart', Doritos, CPI Security, The Charlotte Hornets, and more. Our commercial content and branded videos have amassed millions of views and have generated thousands of social media likes and shares.


Caleb Van Voorhis is the exectuve producer and created the production company in 2014. With a degree in video production, he has years of experience in the field and he’s always working to keep things exciting. He recently won the "Ideator of the Year" Award from AdAge A-list Company, Tongal, for his creative work in advertising.

Our Equipment

Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6k

Black Magic Cameras are widely known as one of the front runners in the field of professional video production. The 4.6K Super 35 image sensor has a massive 15 stops of dynamic range. This camera records at “true 4K” which is 4096×2160.  By capturing brilliant colors and crystal clear video, it guaruntees a professional high quality look.

DJI - Phantom 3 Drone

The Phantom 3 Standard gives you an all
new perspective of sports, events, and locations with a built-in camera that captures sharp, vivid 2.7K HD video and 12 megapixel photos.  As the Phantom tilts and turns, the gimbal holds the camera flat and level, eliminating all unwanted shake.

And More!

Lighting Equipment


Audio Equipment

Editing Software

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